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Compact, precise and intelligent gearbox solutions for the drives of the future.

Kraken gearbox functional principle

Diverse fields of application

At Kraken Innovations, we develop and produce a new, patented coaxial gearbox. It is characterised by its drastically different kinematics compared to existing systems. This transformative design not only reinvents the traditional gearbox but also incorporates state-of-the-art sensor technology. The key advantages of our concept lie in its high precision and rigidity, as well as in its compact design. In addition, it is possible to integrate both the drive and the sensors directly into the gearbox housing to form a complete drive unit. With this highly advanced approach, our goal is to introduce an upgraded coaxial gearbox that sets new standards for performance and reliability in demanding industrial applications.

Kraken Innovations gearbox
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In drive technology, gearboxes are an important tool for transferring the power generated by a motor into a form suitable for the respective application.

As a pioneer of technological innovation in this field, we present a patented coaxial gearbox that is characterised by its unconventional design and sets new standards in terms of precision and rigidity. Despite its compact size, it can transmit impressive torques. Enhanced further by a flexible design and intelligent control mechanisms, our solution emerges as the optimal choice, offering not only optimised performance but also adaptability to varying operational demands.