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The smart tooth

Maximise your performance with our revolutionary sensor technology

Measuring the strain directly at the tooth element enables real-time monitoring of several variables at the same time. Analysing the signals from strain gauges directly on the tooth segment using AI technology makes it possible to determine the measured variables of torque, speed, angle of rotation, direction of rotation and temperature.


The period duration between two distinctive points in the output signal serves as the basis for calculating the output speed.

Direction of rotation

The signal sequence of two consecutive signals from neighbouring tooth segments indicates the direction in which the gearbox is turning.

Rotation angle

The change in rotational speed over time makes it possible to determine the angle of rotation.


The amplitude level of the signals is used to determine the applied torque and provides reliable results over the entire operating range.


The signal drift when the temperature changes provides the basis for identifying the current gearbox temperature.

Our innovative and patent-pending technology for analysing strain gauge signals provides the basis for precise and reliable measurements. The recorded voltage signals provide the basis for the exact calculation and determination of the measured variables.

Thanks to the large number of recorded tooth segments and their unique signal curves, you can achieve unbeatable accuracy and reliability with every measurement. Rely on our technology to monitor your processes and save on external encoders, torque and temperature sensors. Recording the output speed in particular is associated with increased design and assembly effort with current solutions.

Our technology not only offers real-time monitoring of the gearbox condition and the connected application, but also creates a valuable database for the individual service life calculation of your machines without affecting the overall length. Use this data independently of the motor and controller manufacturer directly via fieldbus or access it conveniently via a cloud connection.

Experience the next generation of gearbox monitoring and save yourself the time-consuming integration of additional sensors!

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