Innovations shape the future

fewer gearwheels, more possibilities

The patented gearbox concept requires no gearwheels for power transmission. The space thus freed up inside the gearbox is used for the integration of microcontrollers and sensors. This allows precise statements to be made about the current state and predictions for future behaviour.


The innovative shape of tooth and counter-tooth enables force to be transmitted via a plane surface. The forces that can be transmitted as a result are significantly higher compared to the traditional line contact of classic gearwheels. The integration of sensors turns the tooth, which was previously only utilised as a mechanical component, into a smart unit. The current development of a software aims to enable monitoring of the condition and to predict failures.

high gear ratio

Thanks to the innovative gear concept, a significant increase in the gear ratio is possible compared to existing coaxial gear solutions. Due to the simultaneous planar power transmission, high torques can be transmitted without backlash. This allows a smaller power size to be realised and future applications to be designed either smaller or stronger.

smart sensor technology

The integrated sensor technology inside the gearbox can record the current status thanks to the integrated controller and forward it directly to the customer-specific control system via field bus. For the on-premise solution, an app is offered for data evaluation and prediction within the customer's application control. For remote applications, the data is made available over the cloud.