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#1 Newsletter

Our first newsletter was published on 23.03.2022 and is available here

Onboarding investor - Nanotec

At the beginning of the year, a significant milestone was reached - the onboarding of an investor. Nanotec Electronic GmbH & Co. KG, a German company specialising in the production of high-quality motors and controllers, not only participates as a shareholder, but also supports with industry knowledge in the field of drive solutions.

FFG basic programme

For the development of the integrated sensor concept and the implementation of a predictive maintenance solution, we are starting the project "Smart Gear" together with our partners from science and industry, which is supported by the FFG within the framework of the basic programme funding (FFG no.: FO999890970).

What happens next?

The current technical focus is on the integration of sensors as well as the development of a holistic drive module including aspects such as predictive maintenance, machine learning, communication interfaces, etc. In addition, a corporate infrastructure, marketing strategy and diverse partner network will be established in the coming months.

Microsoft for Startups programme

At the end of 2021, Kraken Innovations GmbH was accepted into the Microsoft for Startups programme. It provides valuable cloud resources for the patented transmission concept and enables faster access to potential customers.

Patent registration No. 3 - Koaxialgetriebe

With the patent application "Koaxialgetriebe", with priority 16 November 2021, a new functional principle for the kinematics of the gearbox was registered.

First round financing

Six months after the foundation of Kraken Innovations GmbH, the first talks with potential investors started in October 2021. This was to cover the high capital requirements in the area of R&D.

Trademark protection

The trademark "Kraken Innovations" was registered in the European Union in June 2021. The official granting as an EU trademark followed in September 2021.

Transfer of patents

Both inventions (“Koaxialgetriebe” and “Getriebemotor”) were developed and patented by joint research with TU Graz. The granted patents and further patent applications were acquired from TU Graz in August 2021. All future IPs of the ongoing cooperation will be filed directly by Kraken Innovations GmbH.

Trade registration

Kraken Innovations GmbH is a member of the Styrian Chamber of Commerce in the trade of mechatronics for machine and production technology.